** KURO's memorials

Once...we lived with a Westie. His name was "KURO".

"KURO" means black in Japanese, But we named him KURO, when we first looked into his black, clear, clever and lovely eyes.

He went away in May 6 /2002. But he is still alive in our heart, and forever...

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KURO's lovely black eyes, and he had great curiosity in his heart. Miyamaedaira

KURO is waiting for taking a walk. Minamiosawa
"WAHAHA..." When KURO was tickled, laughing out everytime. Minamiosawa
KURO was thinking. What was that?? Minamiosawa
KURO is sleeping well by a kerosene fan-heater. Minamiosawa
I took KURO for a walk everyday. Minamiosawa
KURO liked going out for a drive. Minamiosawa

"What's happened in understairs??" Etsuko Taniguchi will soon come out of the hospital. KURO was waiting for seeing with her. May in 2000. Uenohara

Now, he is (maybe) thirteen years old. But his curiosity is still strong in anytime, anyplace. Uenohara
He is sleeping well. Uenohara

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